Fraser Script


Fraser characters compared to Latin1
Latin A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z . , .. ., ; : -. =


Lisu initial consonants1910
labial alveolar alveolar
retroflex palatal velar glottal
plosive tenuis /p/ ⟨b⟩ /t/ ⟨d⟩ /ts/ ⟨z⟩ /tʂ/ ⟨zh⟩ /tɕ/ ꓚꓬ ⟨j⟩ /k/ ⟨g⟩ /ʔ/a
aspirated /pʰ/ ⟨p⟩ /tʰ/ ⟨t⟩ /tsʰ/ ⟨c⟩ /tʂʰ/ ⟨ch⟩ /tɕʰ/ ꓛꓬ ⟨q⟩ /kʰ/ ⟨k⟩
voiced /b/ ⟨bb⟩ /d/ ⟨dd⟩ /dz/ ⟨zz⟩ /dʐ/ ⟨rr⟩ /dʑ/ ꓙꓬ ⟨jj⟩ /g/ ⟨gg⟩
continuant voiceless /f/ ⟨f⟩ /s/ ⟨s⟩ /ʂ/ ⟨sh⟩ /ɕ/ ꓫꓬ ⟨x⟩ /x/ ⟨h⟩ /h/ ⟨h⟩
voiced /w, v/ ⟨w, v⟩ /l/ ⟨l⟩ /z/ ⟨ss⟩ /ʐ/ ⟨r⟩ /ʑ, j/ ⟨y, e⟩ /ɣ/ ⟨e⟩b
nasal /m/ ⟨m⟩ /n/ ⟨n⟩ /ɲ/ ꓠꓬ ⟨ni⟩ /ŋ/ ⟨ng⟩ /h̃/ ⟨h⟩

Lisu final vowels19103
front back
unrounded rounded unrounded rounded
glide /j/ ⟨i⟩ /w/ ⟨u⟩
high /i, z̩/ ⟨i⟩ /y, ʐ̩/ ⟨u, i⟩ /ɯ/ ⟨e⟩ /u/ ⟨u⟩
mid /e/ ⟨ei⟩ /ø/ ⟨ei⟩ /ɤ/ ⟨e⟩ /o/ ⟨o⟩
low /ɛ/ ⟨ai⟩ /ɑ/ c ⟨a⟩
nasalization /˜/ ⟨n⟩d

Lisu tones1910
order pronunciation Fraser Latin
1st [55] ⟨l⟩
2nd [35] ⟨q⟩
3rd [44] (Ø)
4th [33] ⟨x⟩
5th [21] ⟨r⟩
6th [21ʔ] ⟨t⟩

James Fraser’s Lisu transcription7
Fraser ˍ e
Latin b p hp d t ht g k hk j ch hch dz ts hts m n l s r ng sh w y h hh v a á ye ē i, ï aw u ü rgh rgha rghe (a) ʼ ¹ ² ³


Consonants: , , , [d] , [ɖ] , [tʰ] , [g] , [k] , [kʰ] , , [tɕʰ] , , , , , [m] , , , [s] , [z] , [h] , , , [w] , [ɕ] , [cʝ, j] , 𑾰

Vowels: , [a] , [e] , [ɤ] , [i] , [ø] , [u, v̩] , [ɤ] , , [ɯ] , 2.718


  1. Unwritten implicit initial consonant when syllable begins with a vowel
  2. Unwritten if before /ɯ/ or /ɤ/
  3. Unwritten implicit final vowel, only written if syllable does not begin with a consonant. The common suffix /ɑ/ is instead written as “ˍ”.
  4. Initial consonant /h̃/ always causes nasalization, nasalization may also otherwise occur. In the Fraser script nasalization may be written as “ ʼ ”.
  5. Nasalization


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