Old Permic

Komi Script

Old Permic letters
number letter
1 𐍐
2 𐍑
3 𐍒
4 𐍓
5 𐍔
6 𐍕
7 𐍖
8 𐍗
9 𐍘
10 𐍙
11 𐍚
12 𐍛
13 𐍜
14 𐍝
15 𐍞
16 𐍟
17 𐍠
18 𐍡
19 𐍢
20 𐍣
(25) 𐍫
(26) 𐍬
(27) 𐍭
(28) 𐍮
21 𐍤
22 𐍥
(29) 𐍯
23 𐍧
(30) 𐍰
(31) 𐍱
(32) 𐍲
(33) 𐍳
(34) 𐍴
24 𐍩


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